Thursday, January 29, 2009

These are the samples for my Love is in the Air class tomorrow. Right now I plan to still hold the class despite the weather's interference with everyday life this week. We will be making 5 cards and three treat packages. The class is from 6:30 to 9:30 and is $15 for the supplies. Unless I have some cancellations tomorrow, tomorrow's class is full, but I do have a completely open session for Sunday afternoon from 1-4 pm.

This is my favorite card for the class. It was inspired by one that Jen Carter made. I changed up the colors a little and used Linear Sentiments for the background dots on the black piece.

Speaking of weather, we were very blessed at our house. We only got 3/4" of ice and our power stayed on the entire time. Thank goodness because my kids are so spoiled with their electronic entertainment! They have been off school since early dismissal on Monday afternoon and are out again tomorrow. I'm hoping by tomorrow afternoon that the roads might be melted enough to make a trip to the post office and the store. And for those who live up north and are amazed that everything just shuts down around here from a little snow or ice -- we didn't believe it when we moved here either. But the road departments and the drivers here are truly not equipped to handle winter weather! The ice was beautiful on the trees. Here's the view from my back door.


Patti J said...

I would love to attend your class! Do you live anywhere near Farmington, Mo??? Your work is beautiful! Feel free to come visit my blog too! I'm a 'soon to be' angel, and would like all of the advice and comments I can get-lol!!!

Jen said...

I'm in NW Arkansas so probably about 2 hours or so from you. I checked out your blog -- it looks like you are a pretty accomplished stamper yourself!