Saturday, February 24, 2007

A New Do for Spring!

I got a new hairdo yesterday for spring! Check out the picture in the sidebar! What does that have to do with stamping?! Well, not much, but I'm so happy with the new look and it's inspiring me to try things outside of my usual. I'm playing this weekend and forcing myself to try some new things so I'll be sharing with you in the next week!

Talking of new things -- The Angel Company released their spring supplement, spring fever promotion, newsletter, and annual seminar information all yesterday!! It has taken me until today to really absorb it all and I can still just say WOW!

I love some of the new stamp sets and absolutely can not wait to get them in my hands. I think that this one is my favorite:

Or wait, maybe it's this one:

I don't know! There are too many to choose from. If you want to see them all and the gorgeous new paper called Mulberry Meadow (are you ready for spring yet?!), click here to download the brochure. (It may take a while to download -- contact me if you would rather have a paper copy.)

Besides the fun of the new hairdo yesterday I also found out through TAC's newsletter that I had the #2 sales for the whole company in January!!! Thank you to all of you for your support in making that possible! I'm getting closer to my goal of reaching Executive with TAC this year!

TAC also released all of the information about their annual seminar yesterday! This will be their 10th seminar -- and my fourth year going! I can't hardly wait -- June seems like forever away!


Rita Kegg said...

Love your new look Jen!! Blessings Rita

M said...

Great do! The grandkids loved their Valentine gifts! And Denver was so wowed by his heart box that he took it to the office to show it off to his co-workers - all women! See you soon. M