Friday, March 23, 2007

Scrapbooking and the Love Life of a 4 Year Old!

My son's preschool held a silent auction fundraiser last fall. I donated a custom 8x8 scrapbook for someone. I was so happy that it sold for $50 -- to a mom who had never seen any of my work! A few weeks ago, she turned over her daughter's pictures from preschool to me and told me to just do what I saw fit with them. Wow -- the responsibility! Cropping the first picture was nerve wracking!! I finished up the scrapbook this week and I'm giving it to her this afternoon after school. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I hope that she will like it! I'll share a few of the layouts here.

This is the first layout that I did. I immediately realized that the Whimsy Blossoms Wing It paper fit the pictures and this girl's personality so well!

Here's another one using the Whimsy Blossom paper!

This one doesn't use the patterned paper. I just love how our new So Splattered hostess set looks with these adorable art pictures. If you want this set, you'd better hurry to place your $100 order because it will be gone after March 31.

The funniest part of working on this scrapbook came to me last night! My son is the only boy in a class of 13 -- so he's been the center of 12 little girls' attention from day one. But he has always hated it when they called him handsome or fawned over him and instead preferred to play fireman or monsters with them. He told me last week on the way home from school that he wanted to marry Y -- the subject of this scrapbook. He then went on to say "But there's a problem". Ah, yeah, you're at least 20 years too young is what I'm thinking! But the problem that he saw is that one of the other girls in the class is in love with him! My 4 year old is stuck in a love triangle!!

He's persisted this week in telling me that he loves Y and that he's going to marry her when he grows up. So I realized last night that I could be working with pictures of my future daughter-in-law. I guess it's always possible. My parents were neighbors as young children. My father's family moved away and years later my mother was driving by a house in the neighboring town and saw the name on the mailbox. She decided to write to see if it was my father's family and the rest is history from there!!

Speaking of my parents, next week we are going to visit them during spring break. My kids are so excited to see grammy and pappy and their cousins -- they haven't seen them since before we moved here nearly 2 years ago. I'm sure that there will be plenty of scrapbookable moments!

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Mary Leeson said...

Jen, nice work on the scrapbook. I'm sure the lady got really blessed with YOUR work! Also, love the new haircut - very nice!!